Improve Putting with TOMI

Improving your putting isn’t an easy feat and takes a combination of expertise and analytical data to get the job done. Professionals use their visual skills and years of experience to train their student to use their form and alignment, But, what if there was a device that broke down every single aspect of your stroke into analytical data?

Improve Putting stroke path and rotation

TOMI measures the overall shape of the stroke in relation to the target line. It provides three very telling views of the entire stroke. One is a white line tracing the path from the starting position of the backstroke to the end; A colored line tracing the path from the beginning of the forward stroke to impact and follow-through; and the degrees the club face is rotated open (+) or closed (-) in relation to the target line at the end of the backstroke and forward stroke.

improve putting

 The facts are better than theory

Not to take away from the importance of the instructor, the TOMI is meant as a tool to aid an instructor or an advanced player to easily understand and determine the area of the their stroke that need to be adjusted. Although the information is detailed the TOMI system is simple enough to be used by anyone. The TOMI system allows you to save user profiles, and compare profiles, and strokes to one another to understand if your improving or not. To become the best you can use the stroke of the Pros to help guide you, the TOMI system allows you to do just that!



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