Better Putting with TOMI

Better putting is only a click away with the TOMI PRO putting system. Professionals have used our system since it launched with a full discovery session where it’s inventor tested a select group of the top PGA professionals and measured their putting strokes. Now’s your chance to utilize that data and use it as a benchmark against your own stroke. Systematically improve your swing and all 8 parameters of your stroke that the TOMI measures.  The TOMI system uses light to capture all of the dynamics behind your individual swing, and allows you to adjust that swing to achieve a better result. TOMI makes better putters.

PGA Professionals use TOMI

TOMI Putting System-Golf Channel Commercial from TOMI Putting on Vimeo.

The TOMI System makes Better Putting a Reality

Now is your chance to grab a TOMI Putting system for the new low price of only $495 + $15 Shipping & Handling. TOMI is great for putting schools and golf clubs to add an extra feature to their services. Nothing measures more aspects of your putt than the TOMI system.

tomi golf schools

Schools around the world rely on the data generated by our system to improve the putting game of their students. TOMI gives  putting experts access to the numbers behind the stroke so they can improve the strokes of their students.

Better putting is achieved by using the TOMI putting system, setup a TOMI Putting lab at your gold club or golf school today.


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